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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When Even Your Dreams Turn On You

This post is kind of short and silly...

It's just that my dreams always have a way of fanning the flames of any hysteria that I may be experiencing at the time.

Oy vey!!!

So, last night I had this whole crazy dream (surrounded by scenarios that in real life would probably make me clinically insane) but at the end of the dream I am sitting in a room that appears to be a high school library. You know, the two level kind where you can look down on the lower level and hold full conversations with the people down below...

Well there were several people sitting around, some familiar but mostly not, and we were all really anxious. Some people were crying, some holding papers and screaming with joy. There was a girl in a camp counselor outfit calling out names. It took me a minute to realize that with each name, she held up a paper and called out a location. All of them were in Spain.

The next few people that were called looked confused and started to ask, with growing panic: "But where is this? I've never heard of this!"

The counselor's face grew more maniacal by the moment. I started to sweat and immediately began to pray. "Please say Andalucía. Please say Andalucía! Just let me get to Granada or Sevilla....Granada or Seville...Granada or Sevilla!!!!"

She called my name...and then I woke up...

So yeah...its official! My lack of patience may actually drive me insane....I can't take the wait! For anything!!!

Ok...and scene! Back to

Hasta Pronto!!!

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