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Monday, May 21, 2012


I finally got my placement today (around 12:20pm) after much hyperventilation and anxiety.

I will be spending the next year in...((((((insert: written drum roll for dramatic effect that only plays out accurately in my mind)))))


YES, YES!! I know that I have been hyping you all up for the past few months about Andalucia. However, due to the many cuts lately, Andalucia was not an option for me (Let's also note the fact that they stop placing people in Andalucia like only 10 ahead of me..oh well...ish happens!). 

Am I sad? Am I disappointed? Am I reconsidering Spain now??? HELLS NO!!!! 

No, I didn't get Sevilla. But I did get wine country. And for this, crappy Spanish government...I Thank you!

In my best Charlie Sheen voice: "Bi-WINNING!!!" lol

So here is a glimpse of what I have to look forward to next year...commence jealousy sequence.......................................NOW:

Start planning your visits!

Hasta Pronto

Friday, May 18, 2012

How to NOT Go Insane While Waiting on the Spanish Government….

No really…I’m open to suggestions…need a moment? I’ll wait…

So I’m pretty sure that I may be bald by the end of this wait. I mean, really… @#$%^&#%^!!!!!!!!! We (see: sad little lowly first-year applicants) have been getting the run around for the past two months.

Forum posts a la mid-April: Yay!!! This is when people were getting placed last year…this is it! Here it comes!!!!

~~ baited breath…..nothing! ~~

End of April: Spanish Ministerio sends out an email saying “Kick rocks and hold your horses…we’ll get to you first-years by Mid-May”. A collective sigh of relief can be heard across the country.

Here comes Mid-May: “Oh look! They’ve started placements! How exciting!” “Those are all renewals” “That’s ok. It just means it’s our turn next” “Yeah…I can see that…Woo hoo!!!”


That would be the sound of the program getting cut all over the place…Galacia’s out! Castilla la Mancha’s out! No Islands for you people! CIEE has cancelled its programs all together (thank God I opted out of that route).


The Ministerio issues another email that nicely reads: “Stop f***ing bothering us. Don’t call us we’ll call you!”

Then they send a prettily decorated newsletter that says placements will begin IMMEDIATELY!!!!

One day passes by. Nothing.

Two days. Nada.

Three days. Zilch!

Four days.  Zip!!!!

Cut to: The renewal list steadily increasing with nary a first-year placement in sight. And now they are even placing third-year (and even some mutha-flipping fourth year) candidates that are supposed to have priority over no one.

And here we have a collective meltdown as no one knows what to think or feel and back up plans are having to be given much more serious consideration.

This is all extremely daunting and for those of you that know me, you understand that I have a lot of energy that has been poured into this adventure. Ideas that won’t exactly pan out on this side of the globe.

Either way, I’m keeping the faith and praying intensely that we hear something soon and that I still have some hair left by then.

In the meantime, I will focus all of my excitement on my awesome trip to Jamaica next week and pray I get some good news while sunbathing!!!

SN: I am very happy that America has adopted such stringent laws against hazing due to recent misbehavior. Now I am wondering if I can convince the American government to arrest Spain as I feel as though this process has been one of extreme hazing for us poor auxiliaries….just a thought.

Hasta Pronto!!!!

(((UPDATE: They have begun placing first year candidates but I still have not heard back yet...#355 was never going to be in the first round of picks...I knew this...but I still hate