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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Home Should Be Where The Heart Is....

So…patience is not a virtue that I have ever claimed to possess. I just don’t have any. None. Zero. Zilch. Nada!
So I am still waiting to hear back from CIEE regarding whether or not I have been accepted (this should take place somewhere around late February/early March). However, now that I know that I am going to Spain regardless, it doesn’t have the same thrill as before. Sure, I’m all geeked up about getting my official placement from the Junta but that is coming with more anxiety than excitement.

Not to sound like an ingrate or anything (I feel really lucky to have this experience, regardless), but I am really on edge about where I could be placed. I specified that I wanted an urban area (vs. the middle of an unknown forest) but that’s about as much as you can choose on your own, with the exception of your region. Although, even that is a coin toss! I chose my three preferences (Andalucía, La Rioja, and Castilla la Mancha). I won’t know until about March which one of these I have been chosen for and then it’s up to that region to decide where I will work and live for the next year. I am praying like a newly appointed saint for Andalucía. However, even within that amazing region I have researched enough to know that there are some places I hope not to be.

The dream would be someplace like Granada, Seville, or Cordoba. I would even thrive in a town like Malaga, I believe. Young crowds.  Great weather.  Tapas galore.  Art scenes. But I believe I would sob silent tears if I had to live somewhere like Cadiz or Jerez. Or God forbid Jaen (which I hear is like the Detroit of Andalucía---sorry Shae, no offense lol)

Keeping the dream alive!

I really just want to live somewhere that feels truly Spanish, with a young feel, and not overly industrialized. I want to be in a city environment without being in a huge city. I’m sure this makes no perfect sense.  I’m sure that I am putting wayyy too much thought into this and I’m probably freaking myself out just to have something to pass the long wait. We shall see….

*Fingers crossed*

Hasta pronto!

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  1. I'll just keep reminding myself that you have NEVER been to Detroit...