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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

How Stalking Pays Off... (Admitida Status) of today, I have officially been "Admitida"-ed (#355) into the Language and Culture Assistant Program through the Ministry of Education in Spain....I am sooooooo stoked about this. I am still keeping my hope alive with the CIEE program so that I am as likely as possible to get placed in a desirable location...

But either way the cookie crumbles... I AM going to SPAIN!!!!!!! Woo hoo!!! (Can you tell that I am excited?)

Unlike a lot of the other people that I have spoken to, I am one of the rare people that has never even traveled abroad for leisure or study. So this is truly a sink or swim situation for me. I am so nervous/excited that I'm kind of jumping out of my skin...its a very high school girl giddy sort of thrill.

I went through a little stress dealing with the Miami Consulate (they refused to pick up my calls, allow me to leave a voicemail, or respond to my emails...). It took me over 2 weeks to have my "Registrada" status changed to "Admitida". Apparently, the secret is sending them a series of straightforward, to the point emails repeatedly over the course of 3 days and they will get back to you. <Insert Steve Urkel voice: "I'm Wearing you dooowwwnnnn!!!!"> lol

So now I'm all set and officially allowed to head off to Spain (provided that I don't end up on an episode of Snapped between now and August) and all I have to do is feign patience until April to find out where I have been placed....

Dream Places (in order):
-Any urban city in Castilla- La Mancha

So here we go...expect lots of bemoaning bureaucratic nonsense for a while...followed by (hopefully) joyful tales of travel...Also I think that my next post will be a sample of my writing...I just really need this space to feel like my own...skip it if you like, give feedback if you have any...

I was this kind of excited to get my Admitida case you were wondering lol


  1. I'm soooooo excited for you!! This is #MAJOR God is soo good. "No good thing will the Lord withhold to those who do what is right." :) Keep it up babes. You have him smiling. HAVE FUN!!! Keep us posted! I'll be there! - Nyjo

  2. Thanks my love!!!! You better be there!