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Monday, June 25, 2012

Seattle State of Mind

So, this summer I have been on this whole "discover the home front" kick. I have been forcing myself to try to enjoy more of the things going on in my own neighborhood, see some parts of America that I have not seen before, and explore some places that are on the fringe but not so far from home.

My first trip (not in America--I'm not that slow) was to Jamaica... Now here's the thing... Jamaica is my special place. Not unlike Vegas. And like Vegas, there is not a chance in hell that I would attempt to recap the experience on a website for all the world to read...if I were to tell you, I'd have to kill you. And no one wants the mess. So instead, enjoy this lovely photo of Jamaican scenery:

Ain't it lovely?!

After that I head over to Alabama and had a short weekend visit with some friends that Swift and I met in Jamaica. I'm on summer vacation, right? So, why not?

Most recently (see: last week), I headed up to Seattle, WA. A very good friend of mine was having brain surgery and we decided to go be cheerleaders for her recovery. (She is doing amazing by the way and I couldn't be happier) While she was getting her much needed rest, Swift and I jumped around the city, exploring all of its nooks and crannies.

Now, let me explain my feelings toward Seattle....if that's its real name...

I do not believe in Seattle. I don't believe in Montana. Or Wyoming. Or any version of a Dakota. They make no sense to me and I have never met anyone from these places. They are made up little lands, constructed to keep Texas and California from taking over the west side of the country. Really. It's true.

Visiting Seattle only managed to reinforce this idea. Sure I saw the beautiful snow-capped mountains while standing on piers and inhaling delicious salt-tinged air. But there were nurses named Tinkerbell and Elf. No one knew that the 90's were over and that grunge long ago died a swift and painless death. People were nice nasty and there was not a scrap of even mildly tanned skin for miles.

So you see, this place is a fairy land that does not truly exist. I am chalking the whole week up to a high that I don't know how I got and a camera that captures images from mental trips.

Go ahead...put on your best psychedelic look and ride the wave with me.

This lady was soooooo creepy. I love street performers.

Swift always speaks to strangers. One day this may prove problematic.

It was around 50 degrees all JUNE!!!

I am all about conveyor belt sushi!

A baby crab on an oyster...Swift was the brave one and ate it.

Finally 65 degrees...time to TAN!!!!     -_-

So of the was awesome to meet you (however much I made you up in my head)...and you shall definitely see me again some day!

Hasta Pronto!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Spotlight on the Microphone: 2

So...taking a short, short break from ranting about Spain ((and when I say short, you should know that I may not even take a break. Hell, I have three other blogs already lined up in my head and after this recent lag in posting, I can't be trusted to wait very long before updating)), I would like to take a moment to revisit my Spotlight on the Microphone.

In preparation of my departure, I have been on a quest to explore my own backyard. You know, check out local markets, go to landmarks that I put off because I knew I would be in this city for at least another decade, do intense artistic critiques on every scrap of graffiti that I come by, finally try

Well, in that vein, I would like to take a moment to highlight some of the amazing talent that I have been privileged to know during my stint in ATL. Insert: RED SUMMER.

Now this sistah is just downright fantastic. She is not only an amazing poet and actress, she is also a producer of ridiculously talented children and the only known person with access to the fountain of youth.

Sure, sure... I could go on and on about how much her poems have the ability to transport, how her prose are always rhythmical without being gimmicky, how she has managed to make imagery and alliteration her personal bitch. But I won't do any of those things....because some things are just too good to be minimized by putting them into words. Some things just need to be experienced...

And so, without further ado.... "Breathless" by Red Summer

Ok....ok!!!! You Are WELCOME!!!

She has just released her latest book of poetry entitled "Raw Sugar" and let me just tell is wonderful!!!

For a copy of her book, information on her work, or just good 'ole cyber stalking (in a non-creepy won't-need-bail-money sort of way, of course) visit her site: . You won't regret it!!!

Hasta Pronto!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Logroño on the Horizon

So I have officially received my school placement in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain!!! (It was quite entertaining trying to explain the difference between a region, city and pueblo to my mom lol)

I sent the junta an email requesting a school in the capital and, although I have no idea if this played a role or not, I got it!!! I do understand that La Rioja is not overly large and that I could have commuted to just about anywhere from the capital. But I really don't like the idea of being reliant on other people in that way. I have heard of many other assistants joining carpools, but I prefer to just have to depend on my own two feet or a bus pass to get around. I don't really do well with working on other people's schedules...

I will be teaching post-secondary level (I believe) at a school called I.E.S "Comercio" in Logroño. I haven't really gotten too much information about it but I plan to contact the school sometime next week to learn more. However, I did come across this video about the school when I attempted to research it:

Apparently, the school is something like amazing so that's a relief... and a definite change from what I'm used to...

Also, I have roamed the street of my school and its surrounding neighborhood more times that I care to admit...oh, the joys of modern technology!! Google Maps, I salute you.

Here's to hoping that it all lives up to the hype!!!!

Hasta Pronto