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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Logroño on the Horizon

So I have officially received my school placement in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain!!! (It was quite entertaining trying to explain the difference between a region, city and pueblo to my mom lol)

I sent the junta an email requesting a school in the capital and, although I have no idea if this played a role or not, I got it!!! I do understand that La Rioja is not overly large and that I could have commuted to just about anywhere from the capital. But I really don't like the idea of being reliant on other people in that way. I have heard of many other assistants joining carpools, but I prefer to just have to depend on my own two feet or a bus pass to get around. I don't really do well with working on other people's schedules...

I will be teaching post-secondary level (I believe) at a school called I.E.S "Comercio" in Logroño. I haven't really gotten too much information about it but I plan to contact the school sometime next week to learn more. However, I did come across this video about the school when I attempted to research it:

Apparently, the school is something like amazing so that's a relief... and a definite change from what I'm used to...

Also, I have roamed the street of my school and its surrounding neighborhood more times that I care to admit...oh, the joys of modern technology!! Google Maps, I salute you.

Here's to hoping that it all lives up to the hype!!!!

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  1. Um why did I watch that entire video? I don't speak Spanish, Smh

  2. I dixdn't even think about goole earth stalking my school, but now I'm going to! I sooo feel you on not relying on others for transportation. In fact, even though Murcia supposedly has great public transport, I'm still sad I won't be able to grab my keys and go wherever, whenever I please. Ah well. Here's to life in our respective capitals.

  3. I definitely "google walked" around my school a bit. It's a bit on the grim side but what can you do? I'm sure the students will be far more interesting than the neighborhood they live in (at least I hope they are!).

    1. If it helps, the first school that I ever taught at looked like a opening credit for Dangerous Minds...I loved my 3 years there and miss it all the time...the school I just left was beautiful and in the ' was such a miserable experience that I almost decided to give up on the profession all together...looks can be very deceiving...don't despair...I'm sure your experience will be great...and if all else fails: You are working at a part-time job that allows you to live in Spain!!! lol

  4. IES I believe stands for Instituto de Educacion Secundario... so Highschool. you will have a blast i have two good friends working in Secondary schools. EOIs are language schools for adults and some highschool students go to them too in the evenings. Thanks for the link on your page by the way. make sure to enjoy all the foods and places you wont have for a year or two... i cant wait to get home in a month and a half and pig out.