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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Weekend with St. Simon

So this past weekend, on a whim and stemming from pure desperation to run away, Pixie, Swift and I hopped into the car (loaded with enough snacks and crap to feed a small country) and headed off to St. Simon’s Island. It is a little scrap of heaven on the very tip of Georgia; just a little south of Savannah.
Yes. You read correctly…there is something else to do in Georgia besides party in Atlanta or learn slave history in Savannah. There is actually…dun dun duuuunnnn….a sweet little beach town to visit! Who woulda thunk it, right? (Clearly, I am marred by years of ingrained Florida girl prejudice against the “real” South)

Now, before you get all ready for some awesome beach bum tales and bikini pics (not that I would ever post those pics before completing a full round of P90X) let me just spoil the thrill by letting you know that it was never above 62° F the entire weekend. Whose idea was it to go to a beach in February?! Oh right…mine! Not exactly what you put on a postcard for the folks back home.
However, hangover from hell notwithstanding, we managed to have a really good time….insert horseback ride along the beach here:

Swift all ready to giddy-up.

The heavenly beach that we rode on...there should have been a sunset and pirate involved...but such luck.

Swift, Pixie, and me! Love them both to pieces!!!

We went to an awesome little dive bar by the water and got smashed with the locals…see: previously mentioned hangover from hell. We also got to have some amazing food on the way out (Fair warning: Avoid any and all shitty hotel food offerings. It is a little bit more tasteless than your average continental buffet and it comes with a gag inducing bill for over $50 for three people…no bueno!!)

All in all, there wasn’t really that much to do but when you have spent an inordinate amount of time inland it’s just nice to smell the ocean again. Not to mention that anytime us gals get together, it’s going to be something to talk about!  I’m more than willing to retry this cute little getaway as the weather turns more playa friendly.

Still counting down to sitting in the Andaluz sun!!! Did I mention that my poor locks may be scattered all over the floor in the near future if I don’t hear about my placement soon. Yes, yes. They gave us a timeline. I know what to expect…but screw that! (I’m channeling a bad JG Wentworth commercial right now on the inside-- a la “It’s my placement and I want it now!!!”—did anyone actually catch that reference?!)

Hopefully there will be news to share in that department soon. Now to prepare for the deathtrap that I signed up for known as…the Spartan Race…aaaahhhhhhhhh!!!! (I really have to step away from the pipe occasionally so I can stop making these sorts of decisions…* le sigh*)

 *Note: I am not drug user—I just talk to myself, lack sleep, hallucinate occasionally, and regularly engage in poor decision making*

Hasta Pronto!!!

SN ShoutOut: Congrats to my lovely best-friend KJ on getting her dream job in the Big Apple!!! Mazal tov, my love!!!! So very proud of you!!!

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