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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Ten for Ten… with Ten More on the Side

So I continue to await my official regional placement in Spain (fingers crossed for me finding out in the next two weeks even though the newsletter has rained on my parade with the announcement that we shall hear sometime in mid-May---I am remaining determinedly obtuse and still hoping for a miracle). I really just want the regional placement because that makes the decision final. It means that there is no turning back. It means that when I tell people that I am moving to Spain next year that there is actual truth behind my words, not just me claiming it to the Universe and praying for things to come together. *I would also like to pause for the cause and give myself a mental pat on the back—and I will go so far as to high-five myself—because I have actually been miraculously calm about it all and I have not once doubted my decision or questioned whether or not things would come together. It’s really been more of a when at this point. Faith-based superstar, yeah!!!*

So in the spirit of being all hyped for this next chapter, here are some lists of ten (kind of a mental check of my expectations in a cliché new way)

10 Things I’m Looking Forward to in Spain:

1.     Tapas
2.     Siesta-ing
3.     Becoming fluent in Spanish
4.     Learning to Flamenco
5.     Trying to survive an all-night botellon
6.     Semana Santa
7.     Carnival in Cadiz
8.     12 hour work weeks
9.     Sangria y cervecas…midday lol
10.  Travel potential—Hello, crappy RyanAir!!!!

I hear these botellon gatherings can go on until the sunrise...time to start to the nearest bar!!!

10 Things I Will Miss About the States:

1.     My people-- family, friends, her [you know who you are], my god-babies, and yes I will count my doggies in this one]
2.     Clothes dryers – I do not look forward to crunchy pants
3.     Sushi and Subs—How will I live?!
4.     A car—I have never been known as “The Girl That Walked”
5.     Sunday Funday, Group Therapy Tuesdays, Wine Down Wednesdays, Random Family Cookouts/Crab Boils/Recovery Days, Cabin Trips---basically all the excuses that my friends come up with to see each other throughout the week and toss back a few
6.     Carpet
7.     Movies in English—Even if I knew Spanish better, I couldn’t imagine myself enjoying dubbed films.
8.     Eavesdropping—I will have to actually put in effort to be nosey.
9.     Theatre—Again, my Spanish is not such that I could see myself on too many stages
10.  Baked Goods—In my best Bernie Mac voice: “Where da cookies and shit?!”

C'mon...I mean...Really...Admit it...This group looks something like amazing...

10 Places I Must Visit Before Leaving Europe
1.     UK—London, Ireland, Scotland
2.     Prague, Czech Republic
3.     Poland- Aushwitz and Birkenau camps to lay flowers
4.     Paris and Nice, France
5.     Milan and Venice, Italy
6.     Lisbon, Portugal
7.     Amsterdam, Netherlands
8.     Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
9.     Vienna, Austria
10.  Mykonos, Greece

So, lots to do and so little time… I’m just itching to get my short little tail on that plane and fly off into something stellar. But I acknowledge the bitter-sweetness of it all and am trying so hard not to worry overmuch about everything that I am leaving behind….*le sigh*

I guess it’s true what they say: It’s never as sweet without the sour.

Any great travel plans on the horizon? Do share!

Hasta Pronto!!!

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